Enjoying the Blue Angels air show on the Patuxent River, Maryland

Hi! We are…

Nate & Sarah! If you don’t already know us, here is your elevator speech intro:

Nate is an electrical engineer and USCG licensed captain from Omaha, Nebraska. He grew up sailing the lakes of Kansas and South Dakota and spent the last 12 years along the East Coast working at various nuclear power plants and enjoying the Atlantic Ocean. His favorite wine is Gelfand Vineyards SFR, although, he is known for never turning down a drink handed to him.

Sarah is prior active duty as a NOAA Corps officer, a professional mariner, and a hydrographer. Raised in Virginia’s beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, she has always had her sight set on life on the sea. Her favorite wine is red and impossible to choose. Similar to Nate, she enjoys almost all wine, beer, rum, whiskey, vodka, gin, etc…

Our Story

We met on a cold December night and spent the frigid winter joking about Nate’s plan to steal Sarah away from her job to sail around the world with him… Alas, with growing love, friendship, and trust, the jest became a promise of a gest.